The information technology services that lead to a betterment in the quality of services for a business is termed as IT enabled services. A variety of services are included in the ITES domain. The most popular services included in ITES are call center services, data centers, database management and human resources (HR services).

There are two parts of technology involved in IT enabled systems. The first one is communication technology and the second one is the support technology.

Let us take the example of a call center. Call center services are a very important requirement for companies. A lot of the non-core requirements are outsourced to call centers. They provide services like customer handling, sales support, customer engagement and retention. All of these services are extremely important for companies even though they might not be responsible directly in revenue making.

In call centers, the support technology used is computer telephone integration, customer relationship management etc. The communication services in use in the call center are dialers, voice over internet protocol, IP calling, etc. It is the supporting technology that enables IT services to be delivered over these channels. Another service used by call centers to increase overall efficiency is skill based call routing service. Call centers use technology extensively to match the calls to the right agent so that the chance of customer satisfaction is maximized. Similarly, knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) makes use of ITES to increase the overall efficiency of their work. It includes services like data analytics, forecasting, financial research, etc. The requirement of software for analytics, databases and general IT hardware makes the

KPO industry totally dependent on the service of IT enabled services. From updating the database to using IT tools for data manipulation, KPO is an ITES dependent industry. ITES includes remote IT support provided over the internet. This allows businesses to keep their critical IT infrastructure running 24/7. It includes optimization of networks, desktops and server management and network management. The services are provided remotely. Services like revenue claims processing have begun using technology extensively to lighten the overall workload. Information technology makes it easier for companies to calculate the claims that are owed to them. With electronic billing, the overall claims process has been streamlined.